In-Store Display

Rove Brand

ROVE BRAND needed more exposure in one of their key dispensaries in the Los Angeles area. Wall space was limited and awkward. The store was very dark, with sunlight streaming in through the windows making it even more difficult to see products on the shelf. The conditions were not ideal for a brand designed with a predominant black background. Shelf space in the dispensary was also at a premium and brands were simply being stacked on top of each other wherever they could fit. To overcome the store’s disorganization, ROVE wanted to add a pair of custom designed displays, on a wall on each side of the store, to showcase their entire line.



Cannabis Brand Display


In-Store Display

In-Store Display Rove Brand Featured Farms, Black Box and CBD
Rove Brand in-store lighted display
Rove Brand In-Store Display Wall

We collaborated with a great team of creators and builders at Simply Display. Together we evaluated the space for strategic viewing placement, took very precise measurements, then conceptualized and produced this piece from start to install in a few short weeks. Every component was designed, created, and assembled at the Simply Displays facility.

Rove brand display concepts

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